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Aerial Work Platform Training

Yale’s full certificate Aerial Work Platform training program is suitable for experienced or inexperienced operators. This program is customized to address the specific needs of each application.


Course Description: 4 hour theory class followed by practical evaluations


Theory Content:

Ø  Introduction

Ø  Accidents and Their Causes

Ø  Current Legislation and Standards

Ø  Pre-Operational Inspection

Ø  Fall Protection

Ø  Protective Equipment Inspection (Harness/Lanyard)

Ø  Workplace Inspection

Ø  Safe Operating Procedures

Ø  Fuel Source (Battery and Propane)

Ø  Summary

Ø  Written Test


Practical Evaluation:

Ø       Pre-Operational Check

Ø       Inspections of Harness and Lanyard

Ø       Workplace Inspection

Ø       Safe Operation of Unit

Ø       Checking for Overhead Obstructions

Ø       Company Specific Hazards

Ø       Fuel Source

Ø       Competency Test

Depending on the application, practical evaluations can require up to half an hour per person. More time may be required for newer operators. Whenever possible, practical evaluations should be conducted at the actual work site.


*A wallet card and wall certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this program


** This program may be conducted at one of our locations near you or at your facility. Please refer to our schedule for the next available courses offered at our locations


Train-The-Trainer option also available. Please contact us for details.