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Fall Protection Training

Falls account for half of the industrial accidents each year in North America. These accidents can be greatly reduced by companies implementing a comprehensive Fall Protection Program designed to protect their employees.  Identifying hazards, and then deciding how to best protect the employee, is certainly a step in the right direction in reducing or completely eliminating falls in the workplace.


Course Duration: 4 hours


Theory Content:

Ø       Introduction

Ø       Accidents and their Causes

Ø       Current Legislation and Standards

Ø       Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest

Ø       Types of harnesses and proper use

Ø       Types of connectors: Lanyards, snap hooks, rope grabs…

Ø       Calculating Total Fall Distance

Ø       How to prevent Swing Fall

Ø       Shock absorbers. Types and how they work

Ø       Equipment care and maintenance

Ø       Anchor points. Engineered/Improvised

Ø       Designing a rescue plan.  Suspension trauma 

Ø       Summary

Ø       Written test


Practical Evaluation:

Ø       Inspection of Harness and Lanyard

Ø       Harness fit test

Ø       Proper utilization of fall protection equipment currently in use.

*A wallet card and wall certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this program


Train-The-Trainer option also available. Please contact us for details.