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Going Green

At Yale, we’ve been working for many years to include feature after feature that address environmental issues; but don’t think we’re finished. We continue to strive to improve our products further, which we believe will not only help the environment but also your operations.

Operating in The Green 

  • One of the largest producers of zero emissions electric lift trucks in the North American Market 

  • Our internal combustion Engine (ICE) lift trucks rate among the lowest in exhaust emissions in the industry 

  • All Yale electric lift trucks recapture energy during braking and lowering of loads, allowing energy to be reused 

  • Lower overall energy consumption of the truck

  • Yale Trucks also feature engineering to reduce energy consumption, including weight reduction, drive train efficiency and hydraulic efficiency 

Lower Emissions. Lower Energy Use.

Green Future 

  • We’re producing lift trucks powered by cleaner-burning alternatives fuels, including being one of the first lift truck manufactures to introduce hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks

  • Right from the design stage, Yale actively selects materials used in its lift trucks with recyclability in mind

Make a Climate Commitment Today.




Yale Industrial Trucks iNc. Has partnered with Tree Canada in order to offset emissions from day to day operations. When you purchase any electric truck from Yale Industrial Trucks Inc 6 trees will be planted on behalf of your company which removes 1 tCO2e (carbon Credit) from the atmosphere.


Grow Clean Air Program


The Grow Clean Air Program Allows Canadians to offset their emissions through the planting of native trees in Canada. Whether for individuals or companies, carbon offsets (tCO2e) are calculated bbased on tree growth. Each tree planted is protected for 30 years. The 2016 Tree Planting Site is North Bay, Ont.

For more information about our Green Program, contact your local rep or email