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With the staggering number of workplace related deaths each year, it is no wonder why there is now such an enormous emphasis on training.  Statistics, however, only bring to light the numbers; the most searing reality is listening to the impact statement of a family as they reflect on the life of a loved one who died as the result of a workplace accident.


Employers today are much more aware of their responsibility, both legally and morally, to ensure that employees are properly trained to handle the equipment of their industry.  Even though great strides have been made in the last fifteen years, statistics on workplace accidents do suggest that many companies still have not implemented proper safety programs and procedures.



 The Benefits of Operator Training

  • The Human Cost. To help create a safer work environment by reducing operator error and therefore accidents. A trained operator will reduce the near misses leading to accidents, a major contributor in helping to reduce the most important cost of all.

  • Reduction of Maintenance Costs: A trained operator is much more cognizant of how the equipment works and the proper procedures for operating equipment, thus helping to reduce premature wear on the machinery.

  • Product and Rack Damage. Through training, the operator will discover the particular nuances of the different classes of equipment and how the proper use of pivot points can reduce contact with skids and racking.

We at Yale Industrial Trucks offer the most comprehensive material handling training programs with the emphasis being first and foremost on safety. By keeping our training standards high, we hope to do our part in helping to reduce some of these alarming statistics. 

We also offer our Forklift training programs, for individuals and companies, at our training facilities in Stoney Creek, Cambridge and London. Please refer to our schedule for the next available dates and times for each location.