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Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Training

The Workplace Hazardous Material Information System “WHMIS” is a nation wide system designed to provide information for employees on potentially hazardous materials in the workplace. WHMIS legislation was developed through the collective efforts of Government, Labour and Industry and has been in effect since October 1988. Yale’s WHMIS program provides you with the information to protect yourself by using the information provided on labels and Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure proper handling.


Course Duration: 4 hours (15 people maximum per class)


Theory Content:

  • Introduction to WHMIS
  • Accidents & Causes
  • Current Legislation and Standards
  • Symbols and Classes
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Product Identification & Use
    • Hazardous Ingredients
    • Physical Data
    • Fire and Explosion Data
    • Reactivity Data
    • Topological Properties
    • Preventive Measures
    • First Aid Measures
    • Preparation Data
  • Labelling of Controlled Products 
    • Supplier Labels
    • Workplace Labels 
  • Routes of Entry

*A wallet card and wall certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this program


Train-The-Trainer option also available. Please contact us for details.